You Deserve a Healing, Relaxing, Stress-Relieving Massage.

Massage is the answer, Who cares what the question is. 


Meet Carrie

Carrie  strives to make every client comfortable from the moment they walk into the studio. After a warm greeting at the door, she listens to each client's needs, whether they need help with a previous injury or just need to be pampered and feel relaxed. Carrie offers many modalities of massage therapy including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stones, Prenatal, Bamboo, Cupping, and Reflexology.


Here you can take a step towards healing your body, mind and soul to achieve a more healthy, vibrant lifestyle.


Meet Celeste

 Celeste   commits to helping clients disentangle stress . Celeste has been a licensed therapist since 2002. She has worked with chiropractors helping patients recover from accidents. Through use of knowledge and techniques acquired from continuous training; she offers a variety of modalities such a Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology and Hot Stones Therapy . 

Celeste specializes in relieving pain and tension in the neck, low back, and hips 


Healthy Well-Being

Through the manipulation of the soft tissue of the body, massage can enhance circulation, lymphatic detoxification, and the  delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells.  Our massage therapists can assess your needs so you get the perfect massage you'll love. 


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